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The Daffodil Festival presents

Daffodil Festival's Queen's Coronation

This event has been cancelled. Additional information will become available soon. The Box Office is in the process of contacting ticket holders.
Rialto Theater
Tickets: $14.75
Student, Military, Senior: $10


Tickets go on sale Thursday, February 13, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.
The Queen’s Coronation is always a very special celebration for the Daffodil Festival, and especially the Princesses of the Royal Court. It is on this evening that a Queen is chosen to reign over the many Festival activities that take place throughout the year.

Serving as the Official Ambassadors of the Festival, the 23 young women participating in the Royalty program have each been selected by their schools as representatives.

During the Coronation program, they are judged on their academic standing, personality and attitude, speaking ability, appearance, sociability, speech content, Festival awareness, and impromptu speaking ability. By the end of the evening, one will be chosen from among the Princesses who has performed to an exemplary degree in all of these categories, and she will reign as Queen for the rest of the Festival year!