The Lens Project

Learn Empathy Negotiation & Self

A violence prevention program designed to empower students, families and service members and build community.

The program uses creative projects and art-based activities to teach positive social skills and foster the development of empathy for others.

At-Home LENS Project Activities

Creative projects and art-based lessons adapted for learning at home.

Afterschool Program

Students dive deeply into the LENS curriculum for 10 weeks of after school sessions, which culminate with a family Skill Share event led by the students where they teach and demonstrate the skills they have learned.

“LENS is amazing, and everyone should try to see if they could do it - to learn how to be kind, and see what other people see, and share their emotions.”

– Kapowsin Elementary Student

Family Art Series

Evening events for families that use theatre and visual arts activities to engage the family in a creative way to reflect on their behavior, emotion management and ways to overcome challenges as a family team.

“[Our family worked] together using WORDS, not fists or screaming, to communicate”

 – JBLM Family

LENS Storytellers

A workshop series aimed at supporting service members and veterans to utilize the arts to express themselves, process complex emotions, and give voice to their stories. Culminating in a presentation of their stories shaped by the vision of the participants and with support of a group of actors.

“[My highlight was] Learning to be comfortable sharing with others and seeing commonalities.”

 – JBLM Soldier

LENS Project Locations

  • Bethel School District
  • Tacoma School District
  • Franklin Pierce School District
  • Clover Park School District
  • Art Therapy Northwest
  • Exceptional Family Member Program, JBLM
  • Soldier Recovery Unit, JBLM
  • Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Valley Cities

The LENS Project serves over 475 youth and 3,500 family members annually.

The LENS Project Registration Form

If the LENS Project is being offered at your student’s school this semester and you would like to submit an electronic copy of the Form, please click the following link to email the Education Department: You can also register by calling our Box Office at 253.346.1721 Monday-Friday 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

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