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Brew Five Three TO GO! Beer List


The 253 Kit

Black Fleet Brewing - POG Slammer (IPA, ABV 6.5%, 16 oz.)

Classic fruit trio - Passion Fruit, Blood Orange, and Guava backed and balanced by complimentary hop bitterness. POG Slammer smoothly sails with a light malt body, highlighting a juicy vortex of fruit & hops that will transport your taste buds to the tropics.

7 Seas Brewing - Juicy, Dank, Luscious (Hazy IPA, ABV 6.2%, 12 oz.)

A soft, rounded mouthfeel asserts itself in this unfiltered IPA, loaded with newfangled hop varieties, for lots of juicy flavor and aroma.

E9 Brewing Co. - Tacoma Brew (Kolsch, ABV 4.8%, 16 oz.)

Our nod to the Northern German classic cold fermented ale. A malt bill consisting of mainly Weyermann Pilsner malt with a touch of Vienna malt. Brewed with small amounts of Strisselspalt, Saaz and Mt Hood hops, then cold fermented with our house Kolsch ale yeast for four weeks before filtration. Super light approachable ale with little bitterness and light graininess lingering on the palate.

Wet Coast Brewing Company - Tacoma Arts Live Pale Ale (Pale Ale)

Odd Otter Brewing Co. - (Porter)

Northish - All of the Ghosts Dark - (Farmhouse Ale, ABV 7.5%, 500ml)

This beer is a sequel to Three Magnets/Northish collaboration beer, because Ghosts. We took the original smoked farmhouse recipe and turned it up a notch. Brewed with oak-smoked wheat and de-husked black malt, we fermented this with a blend of Belgian yeasts and aged it for 10 months in oak. It was then bottle-conditioned with Brett, and allowed to mature for over a year. The result is silky, complex, toasty, with just a kiss of smoke. 7.5% ABV and one-of-a-kind. 

Narrows Brewing - (Hazy IPA)

Tacoma Brewing - MO Pale Ale (Pale Ale)

Sweet Gritty City Kit

Pear Up Cider - Watermelon (ABV 5.2%, 12 oz.)

Enjoy juicy watermelon refreshingly blended with pure pear.

Grit City Ciderworks - Zest of Both Worlds (Lemon raspberry, ABV 6%, 500 ml.)

Lemon, raspberry cider.

Ole Swede - Charred 5 (Apple, ABV 6.9%, 12 oz.)

Golden, Granny, Pink Lady, Honey crisp and Manchurian Crab apples. Aged with Toasted Apple Wood from the same farms. Off-Dry, not too tart.

Incline Cidery - Lemonade + Tea (Dry, ABV 6.9%, 12 oz.)

Lemonade + Tea. Think Arnold Palmer......but in cider form!

Eastmont Seltzer Works - Ginger Peach (ABV 4.1%, 12 oz.)

A balanced addition of ginger strengthens the fruity peach for a clean and delicious drink. With 90 calories and less than 1g carbs, it really is that clean.

Fortside Brewing - Rosé Gone Wild (Seltzer GF beer, ABV 5%, 12 oz.)

This crazy beer is something so unique.  Almost all Pilsner malt base and then finished on red wine grapes, then fermented to be quite dry. This is almost a mix between a beer and rose’, and a seltzer.  Either way... it’s delicious

Protector - Hop Juicy Hazy Seltzer (Seltzer, 16 oz.)

Low calorie and low card Hazy seltzer brewed with mosaic hops and orange zest!

The Sasquatch Route Kit

Headless Mumby - Smoked Rye Lager (Lager, ABV 5.5%, 12 oz.)

Flagship lager. Moderate smoked malt presence. Hefty doses of Munich and rye malts. Subtle noble hops.

Top Rung Brewing Co. - Box Alarm Amber (Amber, 16 oz.)

Fremont Brewing - Ollie IPA (IPA, ABV 7.0%, 12 oz.)

This Rotating IPA Series is named after and in honor of the pets of Fremont. “Love is a four-legged word.”  2-Row Pale and Vienna malts with Rolled Oats and Citra, Simcoe, Chinook, and Mosaic hops.

E9 Brewing - Sawtooth to Hell (West coast IPA, ABV 6.3%, 12 oz.)

NE IPA(hazy) with Mosaic El Dorado Belma hops

Fortside Brewing - Land of Sky Blue Waters (Helles Lager, 16 oz.)

A classic Helles lager brewed with 100% salmon safe ingredients

Black Fleet Brewing - Porter Starboard (Porter, ABV 5.8%, 16 oz.)

A medium mouth-feel & beautifully balanced, providing flavors of dark chocolate with hints of toffee; rich, & smoothe with a medium bocy & clean finish with lingering coffee notes.

Peddler Brewing - Tangerine Hefe (Hefeweizen, ABV 5%)

A refreshing German style wheat ale brewed with 100% natural tangerine juice. Slightly hazy & always a crowd pleaser.

Pelican Brewing - Me, You, Happoshu (Lager)

Super unique beer that won a gold medal at the 2019 Honey Beer Competition!  This beer is low malt, like a traditional Happoshu style beer with a crushable ABV. 

Lucky Envelope - Peanutbutter Stout (Stout, ABV 4.8%, 12 oz.)

Surprisingly light PB Stout with hints of rich peanutty goodness

Ghostfish - Lander Lager (Lager)

Named after an integral street in SODO adorned with a newly constructed bridge that allows passage from one part of SODO to another, this classic American Lager let’s you go with the flow! Light crisp, dry body, slight spice and floral notes from Saphir hops, and a satisfying clean malt character with undertones of rice and corn - Lander Lager is crushable, laid back and allows you to go with the flow.

Loowit – Multi-Player Collab (IPA, 16 oz.)

Loowit and the wonderful folks at Trap Door teamed up to make the only Multiplayer collab beers to come out of the Couve!  Big bright hazy IPA with tons of new school tropical hops

Bouy – Brett Saison – Dry Hopped (Saison, ABV 7.1%, 12 oz.)

Three batches of Saison brewed with Pilsner malt, oats, and Necca Grade Viena rye and red wheat malts. Hopped with Czech Saaz and French Triskel hops Combined make up this comlex and funky beer. Fermented throughout the brewing process with blends of house Brett yeast strains for 26 months. Dry-hopped with Stata, Citra, Azacca hops.

The Bold & Beautiful Kit

Wet Coast Brewing Company - Bindle Punk (IPA, 16 oz.)

Stoup Brewing – In the Meantime IPA (IPA, ABV 6.3%, 16 oz.)

Tropical fruit, citrus and mango-full IPA. Galaxy, Citra Cryo, Mosaic Cryo and El Dorado hops at your service.

E9 Brewing Co. - Moon Maiden (Wild Ale, ABV 4.7%, 12 oz.)

Gose-style Sour Ale brewed with red raspberry puree.  Tart, Fruity, and Refreshing.

Rainy Daze - Only the Tip (IPA, 16 oz.)

Foudre aged farmhouse ale aged on apricots from Okanogan Valley. This limited sipper drips with the sweet, jammy, floral succulence of the PNW apricots it was aged on. The mixed culture base wraps it all in notes of earthy, barnyard funk, punctuated with dry fruit esters. A whisper of oaky vanilla glimmers on the finish.

7 Seas - Red Raspberry (Sour Ale, ABV 4.8%, 12 oz.)

Dry, Moderately sour, and extremely refreshing.

Protector - Organic Nelson Hazy IPA (IPA, 16 oz.)

Gorgeous Nelson heavy Hazy IPA with some grapefruit and fresh berry aroma

Paradise Creek Brewing - Huckleberry Pucker (Sour, 12 oz.)

American sour ale infused with Huckleberry

Heathen - The Mix Grape (Sour, 16 oz.)