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Keeping Your Theaters and Community Strong





March 16, 2020

Dear Friends,

Our hearts go out to you and our entire community as we navigate the challenges to health, work, and daily life. We want you to know that we are working diligently to help keep our social fabric strong. We are:

  • Working with schools and parents to support small-group sessions for youth in hygiene-conscious environments, particularly for parenting First Responders who are helping serve the most in need;
  • Planning streaming services for some of our Educational programs with study-support documents to expand home learning;
  • Working with the Health Department to make available quarantine sites, if needed;
  • Supporting our staff to keep employment at levels that hopefully sustain families;
  • Planning now for coming back strong - many of our events have been postponed to summer and fall, and we ask you to join us!

This crisis is bringing major financial losses for Tacoma Arts Live. We know we are not alone and demands on community resources will be intense. As a non-profit organization, our capacity to sustain our service to the community and keep our staff whole is limited. The longer this crisis continues, the more profound our need. We have taken immediate and prudent action by cutting pay for salaried employees by 25% and limiting hours for part-time workers. Belt-tightening will not be enough. We need the help of our community with financial support to sustain. We know we are not alone and demands on community resources will be intense. Gifts of any size make a difference and every dollar counts; no gift is too small.



Make a donation today! If you have questions on how you can make your gift, please contact Development at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We welcome your calls and messages and cannot wait for the shows to go on again! We look forward to bringing you quality events that energize, entertain, educate and bring joy to our collective spirits. In the meantime, will remain a continually-updated resource for updates and changes and we move forward. Thank you for your support during this unprecedented time.

Warm regards,

David Fischer, Executive Director

Tacoma Arts Live