Energize Your Passion. Play Your Part.

Box Office: 253.591.5894 A non-profit organization ● Energizing community through live performance Pantages Theater ● Rialto Theater ● Theater on the Square ● Tacoma Armory

Tacoma Arts Live Staff

Tacoma Arts Live Administrative Office: 253.591.5890

Tacoma Arts Live Box Office (ticket sales and membership): 253.591.5894

Executive Leadership

  • Robyn Engleking, Director of Finance - 253.591.5456
    • rengleking at tacomaartslive dot org
  • Holly Klindt, Executive Assistant — 253.591.5769
    • hollyk at tacomaartslive dot org

Box Office - 253.591.5894

  • Amanda Oliver, Box Office Manager - 253.591.5463
    • aoliver at tacomaartslive dot org
  • Sara Judy, Assistant Box Office Manager - 253.591.5486
    • sjudy at tacomaartslive dot org
  • Mollie Parce, Box Office Lead
  • Andy Stark, Box Office Lead
  • Mikayle Boswell, Box Office Representative
  • Megan Fricke, Box Office Representative


Nicole Hume, Philanthropy Manager, Grants & Gala - 253.573.2507

nhume at tacomaartslive dot org

Kyleigh Palmer, Sponsorship Manager - 253.591.5891

kpalmer at tacomaartslive dot org



Darlene Anderson, Master Teaching Artist
LaNita Walters, Master Teaching Artist
Mara Ofengender, Master Teaching Artist
Sabian Pleasant, Master Teaching Artist

Events & Venue Rentals

            • Akida Dancer, Rental Sales Manager - 253.591.5212
              • adancer at tacomaartslive dot org
            • Jake Nix, Events Manager - 253.591.5439
              • jnix at tacomaartslive dot org
            • Darquita Wallace, Events Manager - 253.591.5597
              • dwallace at tacomaartslive dot org
            • Sean Blacketer, Maintenance Coordinator - 253.594.7841

              • sblacketer at tacomaartslive dot org

            • Jeff Jainga, Front of House Team Member

              • jjainga at tacomaartslive dot org

            • Debbie Bareng, Front of House Team Member
            • Melanie Cole, Front of House Team Member

              Carissa Daniels, Front of House Team Member

            • Melissa Dominguez, Front of House Team Member

            • Jamie Goddard, Front of House Team Member

              Sarah Koestler, Front of House Team Member

            • Racheal Leahy, Front of House Team Member

            • Janae Lewis, Front of House Team Member

              Kaiya Rodriguez, Front of House Team Member

            • Jess Underwood, Front of House Team Member

            • Rochelle Wells, Front of House Team Member



            • Alan Uhlemann, Human Resources Manager - 253.591.5781

              • alanu at tacomaartslive dot org
            • Aimee Takayoshi, Finance Assistant - 253.591.5351
              • atakayoshi at tacomaartslive dot org

Marketing & Presenting


            • Nick Shellman, Stage Department Manager - 253.591.5898
              • nshellman at tacomaartslive dot org
            • Warren Crain, Head Carpenter
              • stagelead at tacomaartslive dot org
            • Josh Holcomb, Head Flyman
            • Rich Tocher, Rialto Lead Technician 
            • Jackie Richter, Theater on the Square Lead Technician
            • Don Littrell, Sound Technician
            • Tom Haman, Master Electrician
            • Leo Foster, Trainee

All stage work performed by employees that are represented by IATSE, Local #15.