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Energize Your Passion. Play Your Part.

Box Office: 253.591.5894 A non-profit organization ● Energizing community through live performance Pantages Theater ● Rialto Theater ● Theater on the Square ● Tacoma Armory

Tacoma Arts Live Staff

Tacoma Arts Live Administrative Office: 253.591.5890

Tacoma Arts Live Box Office (ticket sales and membership): 253.591.5894

Executive Leadership

  • Robyn Engleking, Director of Finance - 253.591.5456
    • rengleking at tacomaartslive dot org
  • Holly Klindt, Executive Assistant — 253.591.5769
    • hollyk at tacomaartslive dot org

Box Office - 253.591.5894

  • Amanda Oliver, Box Office Manager - 253.591.5463
    • aoliver at tacomaartslive dot org
  • Sara Judy, Assistant Box Office Manager - 253.591.5486
    • sjudy at tacomaartslive dot org
  • Mollie Parce, Box Office Lead
  • Andy Stark, Box Office Lead
  • Nate Jensen, Box Office Representative
  • Megan Fricke, Box Office Representative


Nicole Hume, Philanthropy Manager, Grants & Gala - 253.573.2507

nhume at tacomaartslive dot org

Kyleigh Palmer, Sponsorship Manager - 253.591.5891

kpalmer at tacomaartslive dot org

Nate Jensen, Philanthropy Assistant

njensen at tacomaartslive dot org



Darlene Anderson, Master Teaching Artist
LaNita Walters, Master Teaching Artist
Mara Ofengender, Master Teaching Artist
Sabian Pleasant, Master Teaching Artist

Events & Venue Rentals

            • Akida Dancer, Rental Sales Manager - 253.591.5212
              • adancer at tacomaartslive dot org
            • Jake Nix, Events Manager - 253.591.5439
              • jnix at tacomaartslive dot org
            • Darquita Wallace, Events Manager - 253.591.5597
              • dwallace at tacomaartslive dot org
            • Sean Blacketer, Maintenance Coordinator - 253.594.7841

              • sblacketer at tacomaartslive dot org

            • Jeff Jainga, Front of House Team Member

              • jjainga at tacomaartslive dot org

            • Debbie Bareng, Front of House Team Member
            • Melanie Cole, Front of House Team Member

              Carissa Daniels, Front of House Team Member

            • Melissa Dominguez, Front of House Team Member

            • Jamie Goddard, Front of House Team Member

              Sarah Koestler, Front of House Team Member

            • Racheal Leahy, Front of House Team Member

            • Janae Lewis, Front of House Team Member

              Kaiya Rodriguez, Front of House Team Member

            • Jess Underwood, Front of House Team Member

            • Rochelle Wells, Front of House Team Member



            • Alan Uhlemann, Human Resources Manager - 253.591.5781

              • alanu at tacomaartslive dot org
            • Aimee Takayoshi, Finance Assistant - 253.591.5351
              • atakayoshi at tacomaartslive dot org

Marketing & Presenting


            • Nick Shellman, Stage Department Manager - 253.591.5898
              • nshellman at tacomaartslive dot org
            • Warren Crain, Head Carpenter
              • stagelead at tacomaartslive dot org
            • Josh Holcomb, Head Flyman
            • Rich Tocher, Rialto Lead Technician 
            • Jackie Richter, Theater on the Square Lead Technician
            • Don Littrell, Sound Technician
            • Tom Haman, Master Electrician
            • Leo Foster, Trainee

All stage work performed by employees that are represented by IATSE, Local #15.